Alertmanager alerts with Amazon SES

I am a happy Prometheus user.

I run a Prometheus stack to monitor my sites, services, batch jobs, systems and networks, and it is fantastic!

As probably every sysadmin here, I have better things to do than look at dashboards1 all day, so I heavily rely on alerting for any events that require a human operator (me 🙋‍♂️) to investigate.

As such, I use Prometheus’ Alertmanager to manage my alerts.

Using email as a notification channel

Out of Alertmanager’s alert recievers, I like good ol’ email.

The pain about email notifications is that you usually have to run your own SMTP server, with all that entails in the era of a thousand ways to proof you aren’t spam2.

Turns out Amazon Web Services’ Simple Email Service can do that for you!

Integrating Alertmanager with Amazon SES

  1. Verify your domain name to send email at with SES

  2. Request your SMTP credentials

  3. Add the following receiver to your alertmanager.yml:

  1. Reload Alertmanager

1 I don’t run dashboards anymore, they are worthless. They take a long time to set up, never get looked at and the Prometheus web console works just fine for graphing metrics whenever you need them.